Nurburgring Track Options for Simracing Plentiful

Here is an interesting compendium of possible track reconfigurations considered shortly after Niki Lauda’s near fatal crash at the Nurburgring in 1976. Eventually, as the maps show, we ended up with the Nurburgring GP F/D configurations that are used today.

I’m most interested in the configuration shown below, for a couple of reasons. First, it might be historically correct to assume that this could have become a shortened version of the Nordschleife. If I understand the website’s data, they are saying that this was an actual proposed shortening of the track considered in the late 70’s. That alone makes it an interesting alternative track for simracing.

Second, some of the roads and (of course) all of the topography exist IRL, so GPS could be used to map the proposed track and create an alternative Nurburgring Nordschleife-Kurz for simracing. I suppose, that could be said about any track configuration anywhere, so not a very strong argument.

Nürburgring, 1976 proposal

Here is another view of the alleged proposed shortened Nordschleife.

So, the question becomes: was this layout ever actually proposed as an alternative to the Nordschleife, or is this just internet mythology. Since the proposed track doesn’t include many existing roads, it lacks a connection with reality that would make it more interesting. And, it would have been an expensive anachronism even in the late 70’s to have developed such a track.

For further speculation on possible simracing track layouts, check out this racedepartment discussion. Simracers and modellers will undoubtedly continue to develop old/new track models and track development tools are edging ever closer to the point where the casual gamer will be able to link with Google maps can create hiw own home town grand prix circuit.

Much thanks to the creator of the website where I found most of this information: Guido d’ Carli. I hope I can find him to give him proper credit. Thanks for checking this out and any speculation or real information would be greatly appreciated.



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