GT Academy 2013 Status Update 2


I broke out the wheel, or: I busted out the wheel…

If you race online, you probably know what that means. It means I brought out the big guns. I switched from using a hand held controller to a racing wheel setup. In my case, that’s a used Logitech G25 wheel I borrowed from a friend who proceeded to start a family and never asked for it back.

Yesterday, I felt I’d reached a limit of how far I can push with a hand held controller. A wheel and pedal setup is much more “realistic” but more importantly, it provides a level of precision that can’t quite be attained with a hand held. A hand held, on the other hand, is convenient and doesn’t take up a huge patch of the living room.

The door to the living room is closed. My wife still thinks the Logitech wheel is stored in the basement. We went out and enjoyed the 4th of July with friends yesterday. So, today, the push for faster times takes off in earnest. She is not going to be happy.

I also mentioned to her yesterday that I think I’ve found a Kawasaki 500 for cheap that I could buy for a track day bike. She was very unpleased with this news. Rudely, albeit correctly, noting: I don’t know anything about racing a motorcycle.

The bike news hopefully will lessen the shock of finding my toys scattered all over the living room. What’s worse, a juvenile middle aged man chasing his dreams on the couch, or actually going missing for weekends on end, strapped to an actual motorcycle going actually way too fast. Your answer and my answer might be different than my wife’s (and my banker’s).


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