GT Academy Status Update 3

This post was deleted by me, before I realized how to use a previous post for a template. I’m dumb as hell. But, I can’t be too mad at myself because I’m just learning how to do this. Besides, this status update was probably pretty boring anyway. So, honestly, you’re lucky I accidentally deleted it.

Hey, you know what’s fun. Adam Buxton’s Internet TV Show. I hate to leave you with nothing, so here’s a link to Bug TV, an odd little show by an odd little man.

There aint no Queue for the Summertime Booze.

Just a quick update. Worked a lot last night on getting thru sectors 3 and 4 efficiently. That is, doing it quickly and correctly. Hopefully that will result in some quicker overall lap times today and tomorrow. The problem new players have with GT Academy is too many aborted laps. I know I’ve done that in the past and still do it. So, you never familiarize yourself with the second half of the lap, at least not to the level of the first half.

So, that’s why I’m working diligently on the back half of the lap. Oh, and I also don’t think the 4 sector times add up to a complete lap. It appears there’s a sizable gap between at least sectors 3 and 4. Though, I might be wrong.


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