GT Academy Stasis Update

See what I did there? Up in the title bit there? I made it so it was changed a bit and it reflects my current lack of progress in the competition. Have I reached my limit? Possibly. But, limits are funny things.

I’m stuck on a time of 2:20.105 (or thereabouts) and I cannot budge off of it. But, I’ve fiddled some settings and changed around my wheel setup, things that I needed to do to move forward, but they’ve left me hanging — a bit.

“You see,” he said as if explaining a lack of progress on a term paper, “it’s like this. Overall, my average lap time is falling (getting better) but I haven’t been able to punch through the 2:20 barrier.” And with days running out, I’m afraid my GTAcademy 2013 dreams end here.

I’m not giving up. I actually enjoy the “driving” when I’m doing it. But it does become ever more awkward for my family. Don’t take pity on the fool addicted to a stupid videogame. Feel some real remorse and empathy for his wife and children. Thank goodness this competition only lasts until July 28th, or I’m sure I’d end up divorced. 

My wife has the patience of a saint. And, of course, she’s pleased that I’m not burning up my pension in tires, fuel and pit pass money. Also, there’s the not inconsiderable matter of a complete lack of risk of me doing any more damage to myself than falling off the couch. Why, if you are really interested in progressing in motorsport wouldn’t you put yourself through a challenge like GTAcademy first. Save time, money, possible injury, all sorts of nastiness that occurs on the track but is easily avoided on the couch.

My progress might be stopped at the moment, but I can feel myself getting better at easing on the throttle coming out of Luffield and onto the old pit straight. If I can just sort that, and the Maggots to Chapel complex, I know I’ve got a chance. The yard will be there to be mowed after this Sunday. Hopefully, putting my life in stasis, won’t have cost me too much.



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