The Nurburgring Bernie Ecclestone Solution: Six Pence None the Richer

Bernie Ecclestone, as we all know, is in some legal difficulty in Germany. The Nurburgring, as we all know, is in some financial difficulty in Germany. Why not, combine the two problems into one elegant solution? Instead of paying back the money he is alleged to owe German banks who backed a scheme to takeover F1, Ecclestone should be allowed to use the money to buy the Nurburgring and turn it back over to the local German government that owned it before the whole Disney-Nurburgring fiasco.

This elegantly solves at least two problems. One, it forces Ecclestone to pay back his alleged ill-gotten gains, something he will undoubtedly do anyway to prevent the case going to court. Second, it solves the problem of the German government, or any entity of government in Germany, paying directly for the buyout. Apparently, a direct government buyout of a distressed asset like the Nurburgring is not allowed under current EU rules.

Simple, clean, effective: a Solomonesque decision for the benefit of the racing community worldwide, the local economy around the Nurburgring specifically, a fair punishment (if necessary) for Ecclestone’s alleged bribery, and the banks end up six pence none the richer. I’m sure Ecclestone would love to see his money going to support an iconic race circuit, rather than former business partners who perhaps should have read their contracts a bit more closely.

When dealing with Bernard Ecclestone, after all, one must always read between the lines.


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