Month: November 2014

Gran Turismo 6: Seasonal Challenge LCC Rocket

This is one of the best seasonal’s for Gran Turismo that has been put out in the year or so the game has been on the market. And, the reason is simple: this feels like what I imagine driving an open wheel racing car with no aero aides, skinny tires and just a tad too much horsepower would feel like. In some ways, this is the quintessential 1960’s era open wheel racer experience for the PS3.

Why yes, I am a nerd with Frito bits stuck all over the front of my somewhat greasy and in need of changing wool sweater.lcc-rocket


Click on Photo for a link to the GTPlanet News Article on the LCC Rocket Seasonal

But that doesn’t really matter, now does it. Because, the whole idea of sim racing is to allow scruffy sods like myself to imagine ourselves propelled into the world of high speed motoring. Overall, I’ve found the greatest satisfaction in this medium from console based sims, due to a number of factors, not the least of which being my lack of a dedicated gaming computer.

The idea of a gaming sim on a computer holds greater potential than any console based title. Most computer sims include modding options that blow the doors off any console based sim. But, modding doesn’t necessarily equate into a better sim experience. Here the sim experience of Gran Turismo 6 stands out, by providing a lightweight, rear engined modern vehicle: the LCC Rocket, as a stand in for mid-60’s F1, F2 and F3 kit.

The suspension and drive train are more advanced on the gaming model, providing minute alterations to power, and differential settings. Plus, the game provides various elements of traction and stability control that can be turned off or on, either in the rules of the current competition, or simply to fit players’ tastes.

The idea that console racing sims, when played with a pedal/wheel setup, are nothing more than video games equal to shooters of the console genre, grossly undervalues these titles. They might not be the equal of top end PC based sims, but those sims also require hefty investments in hardware to achieve realism at levels quantum leaps beyond the consoles. Otherwise, we are talking about differences of percentages, degrees and preferences.

Bottom line, the currently running — it ends in early December — Gran Turismo 6 Seasonal competition is one of the best yet, and portends well for the future of the series that shares a bipolar, love/hate relationship with it’s staunchest users, it’s staunchest critics.